Beta Info and Pricing

The Dendri beta! Here’s what to know:

  1. The beta is laser-focused on perfecting our core task workflow. ✔ That means that Contacts, Matters, Calendar, Dashboards and Team Dashboards are all live and usable for the beta.
  2. The only major features we are holding back are our document and process automation. These are functional but need to be cleaned up to make it easier to design and use templates.
  3. Pricing for the beta is extremely low. Long-term, Dendri will offer a complete suite of project/practice management tools, and it’s likely the price per user could be a lot more than our beta pricing. You will not be charged any price increases like that automatically. (For comparison, Clio Pricing, Litify Pricing).
  4. Our goal during the beta is to make sure our core workflow is delightful to use, so in addition to our cheap pricing and free 30-day trial, we really want your feedback. Tell us what works and what doesn’t. What would you like to see us build next? 👷♀️
  5. To help us make Dendri as amazing as possible, we’re going to turn our attention to finishing our API and integrations during the beta so you can use Dendri alongside the tools you already use. We’ll integrate directly with the big ones and connect to Zapier and similar tools for others. This way, you’ll be able to do your work in Dendri without giving up the world you know.


Our pricing model during the beta is simple. $5.00 for the organization and $5.00 per user per month. So, if you are a single-user, your monthly cost would be $10.00. If you have 3 users, it would be $20.00 and so on.

That’s all there is to know. Dig in and enjoy! 🚀

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